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Yo! Haven't been on here in a while

Nice track! Did you use JunoX2 at all? One of the parts sounds a lot like it. I haven't used Toxic much, maybe it sounds similar. Don't forget, Infected Mushroom coming up soon, I already got tix for Sarah and me :)

My first NG review

Nice sounding piece. I don't think the introduction is too long, especially if you made the song a bit longer ( I know NG has a filesize limit). A few suggestions for what they are worth: I'd put a "classic" 3-step delay on some of the piano and synth parts in the middle section where I assume you are going for a trance-like feel. Also the drum kit sounds a bit default, I'd replace the samples or throw some effects on the drum samples. The ending sounds a bit abrupt but easily remedied. I really enjoy the intro and its simplicity and emptiness and how it builds.

A note about my ratings: I am rating based on other NG songs I have heard, since I don't think it's fair to compare amateur artists, most of whom are still pretty young, to professionals, so a 10 doesn't necessarily mean you are Mozart.

mjattie responds:

well, welcome at newgrounds. Thanks for the suggestions but I wasn't going for trance really. I was going for ambient and I didn't feel like making the drums random, but yea, that could be another song (check my other post of piano echoes). There is classic 3-step delay on the piano though... And your rating is quite harsh if you figure out that 95% of the songs posted here is crap... lol. Ah well, I guess you listened to the best ever and top 5 songs XD.

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