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Yamaha Motif ES8/TX-81Z,Elektron Octatrack,Arturia Minibrute,Roland JP8000/XP60/Juno2/JX8P,Nord Electro 2,Access Virus TI,Casio CZ1,Ensoniq SQ80/MR Rack,Korg EMX/TR Rack,Oberheim Matrix-1000,Alesis S4,Emu racks, Hammond C3 w/ Leslie 21H


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Posted by e-lusion - August 22nd, 2016

Some more gear:

Allen & Heath ZED-24 24-Channel Mixer with USB Interface
Warm Audio TB12 Tonebeast Microphone Preamp
Furman M-8Lx Standard Level Power Conditioning, 15 Amp, 9 Outlets with Wall Wart Spacing, Pullout Lights

While the new studio in still being built, I've rewired the existing studio and have been playing around with things a bit more lately. I'd like to work out a new song and actually record something in the near future. We'll see...


Posted by e-lusion - March 7th, 2016



Synths - Yamaha Motif ES8 / TX-81Z

Elektron Octatrack

Arturia Minibrute

Roland JP-8000 / XP-60 / Alpha Juno 2 / JX8P,

Nord Electro 2

Access Virus TI Desktop

Casio CZ-1

Ensoniq SQ-80 / MR Rack

Korg EMX / MS2000 / TR Rack

Oberheim Matrix-1000

Alesis S4

E-mu modules



Studio update - Finished drywalling ceiling in storage room, ready for mudding/sanding in storage room

Posted by e-lusion - February 27th, 2013

I thought I'd make a quick list of gear on my wishlist.

Roland MKS-50
Groovebox, either Roland MC-505/909 or Yamaha RM1x
I saw a Crumar DP-50 on CL for $250
Sherman Filterbank
Some sort of controller to easily edit the gear I already have

Posted by e-lusion - August 19th, 2012

Picked up a Yamaha Motif ES8! Also a month or so ago I got a Roland JX-8P, a classic analog synth I've wanted for a while. The ES8 is 88 keys and takes up so much room I had to temporarily remove the Virus TI, Nord Electro 2 and Roland XP-60 from the studio to clear up space. It would be nice to have time to actually use all this wonderful gear...

Posted by e-lusion - June 17th, 2011

I can't fit any more text in my profile, but just wanted to post to say I recently bought an E-Mu Carnaval (for awesome Latin sounds!) and E-Mu Planet Phatt, the first of the 'Phatt' series for hip-hop/trip-hop sounds. The Carnaval is working really well so far, although I am having some problems with the Planet Phatt. When I play it through a MIDI keyboard, all the patches keep re-triggering like 30 times a second so everything sounds like "ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga-ga". I might have a setting wrong somewhere, I just hope it's not the hardware :(

In other news, I am hoping to replace the internal battery on my Ensoniq SQ-80 in the next few days. I just received the new battery in the mail and just have to find the time to solder it in.

All that said, it looks like I won't have any real time to actually USE any of these new synths in the near future, and I don't even have the mixer/MIDI splitter space to permanently hook any of these up. So it may be a while before new tracks are posted. We'll see.